upstate ny house

interior renovation

garrison, ny

design: bill peterson

design team: mark castellani

photography: stan wan

Located on a dirt road in New York State’s Historic Hudson Valley Region, the redesign of this dutch colonial home highlights and redefines original details of its historic interior: beadboard paneling and wrought iron hardware. Beadboard, a staple of classic Americana, was milled out of 21st century materials: mirror acrylic, lacquered MDF, corian & marble. Paired with theatrical lighting effects in the dining room, the front-lit opaque mirrored walls, fade away, when back-lit, to reveal a sculpture behind that appears to float in mid-air. In the bathroom, carefully integrated with hidden porcelain sockets, bare bulbs appear to screw directly into the beadboard finish paneling. On each door, all of the original hand wrought iron hardware has been chrome plated and polished to highlight the imperfections of its rough-hammered, calloused surfaces, transforming it into chunky, jewelry-like accessories. These details and effects present something familiar in an entirely different light, imbued with a sense of discovery & humor.